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The Practice Team

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The Practice Team  


As well as the doctors our team comprises of the following workers who are all bound by the same rules of confidentiality as the doctors.

PRACTICE MANAGER   organises the day to day running of the practice.

RECEPTIONISTS / SECRETARIES   are your first point of contact. They arrange appointments for consultations, deal with repeat prescription requests and arrange home visits.  

PRACTICE NURSE  is fully qualified to carry out a range  of medical services including taking blood samples, removal of sutures, ear syringing etc and also assists the doctors in some of the clinics.

HEALTH VISITORS  are available for help with health matters relating to under 5sí and the elderly.

MIDWIVES  provide care for mothers both before and after delivery and care for babies in the first few weeks of life. ALSO AVAILABLE BY REFERRAL FROM YOUR DOCTOR ARE SOCIAL WORKERS, DISTRICT NURSES, CHIROPODISTS, PHYSIOTHERAPISTS ETC.

 Medical Students  We occasionally get medical/nursing students attached to the practice. You are not obliged to see the students but any help you can offer in their training would be gratefully appreciated by all. If you do not want to see or be seen by the students please let receptionist know.




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